Fabrication of a Cold Rolled Steel Medical Enclosure

Medical Enclosure
Medical Enclosure
Med Graph Seat

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Leaf Industries, Inc. is contracted to fabricate this steel enclosure for the medical industry. Fabricated from cold rolled steel, the enclosure dimensions as defined by the customer CAD drawings are 26” in length, 18” in width and 24” depth with an estimated weight of 75lbs. There is also a requirement to comply with customer specific and ISO standards.

The initial fabrication of multiple parts was carried out using a combination of laser and saw cut steel that was formed with a brake press and hydraulic press while maintaining a tolerance of ±0.005”. MIG/TIG and spot welding processes were then used to connect all of the various pieces together and to provide the necessary structural integrity with corners ground to cosmetic smooth. Machined parts are also attached to the unit at this point. The final fabricated unit is then finished using zinc plating for the internal areas and finally powder coated on the external surfaces to provide a tough, durable finish.

The unit is inspected both dimensionally and visually to ensure that it meets with all customer requirements. A Kanban system is used to control the logistical chain from the supplier to the customer to successfully deliver units over a 4-6 week period on a Just In Time basis to the customer in Minneapolis, MN.

This project displays the overall capabilities of Leaf Industries combining metal fabrication, the manufacture of machined items, welding expertise, grinding and refinishing of welded corners, complicated masking applications, zinc plating, powder coating, custom packaging, and delivery to complete the unit. To learn more about this product, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact Leaf Industries directly.

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Fabrication of a Cold Rolled Steel Medical Enclosure Highlights

Product Name
Medical Enclosure
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Laser Cutting
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Saw Cutting
Powder Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Laser, Turret, Press Brake, MIG/TIG Welders, Haeger Hydraulic Press, Timesaver, Saw, Spot Welder
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 26"
Width: 18"
Depth: 24"
Estimated Weight: 75lbs.
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005"
Material Used
Cold Rolled Steel
Material Finish
Zinc Plated & Powder Coated
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Kanban Program
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4-6 Weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO Standards

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