Development and Sheet Metal Fabrication of Custom HVAC Double Wall Insulated Doors

Development and Sheet Metal Fabrication of Double Wall Insulated Doors
Development and Sheet Metal Fabrication of Double Wall Insulated Doors

Double Wall Insulated Doors
Walk-in Door
Walk-in Door

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At Leaf Industries, Inc. we manufacture, market, and sell a range of custom double wall insulated doors used as walk-in doors for HVAC industry applications. Various standard and custom door sizes can be manufactured in depths from 1” to 4”, with mitered corner/weld frames and with a thermal break option. The widths and depths are customized for each application and can be fabricated from 22 -16GA galvanized steel, cold rolled, and stainless steel aluminum. In addition, viewports, custom hinges, test ports, and foam or mineral wool insulation is available as part of the custom manufacture of this product.

In this project, we used a combination of turret punching, sawing and forming to fabricate the two faces of the doors. Insulation was then placed between the doors faces, which are then welded around the edges with the insulation secured between. An EPDM seal was also attached to ensure a tight seal when the door was in position. View ports where then put into the door as needed with glass inserted and sealed into the opening. The doors are then finished in one of several different customs colors using powder coating to ensure a tough, durable finish.

For each door, a thorough dimensional and inspection a fit test is performed with a test rig to ensure that the door meets customer requirements.

Leaf Industries delivers over 7,000 doors of this type annually, shipping typically in 2 weeks from the receipt of the order to various destinations around the USA. The doors are shipped in customized shipping crates to reduce the potential of damage.

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Development and Sheet Metal Fabrication of Custom HVAC Double Wall Insulated Doors Highlights

Product Description
Custom HVAC Double Wall Insulated Doors
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Turret Punching
Test Ports
Painted Finish
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Saw, Welder, Turret
Overall Part Dimensions
Product Length: Custom to Application
Product Width: Custom to Application
Material Thickness: 22 – 16 GA
Material Used
Galvanized, Galvanealed, Pre-Painted, SST Aluminum, Painted/Powder Coated, Foam Insulation, Locking Handles, Standard Compression Gasketing, Magnetic Seal
Material Finish
Painted Finish – Custom Colors
Special Features
HVAC Doors are customized to the customer’s specification. 1 Inch deep to 4 inch deep doors, with mitered corner/weld frames with a thermal break option.
Packaging: Customized Shipping Crates
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection, Fit Test
Industry for Use
Approx 7,000 doors shipped annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 Weeks
Delivery Location
Across the US
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
WID (Walk In Doors)

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