About Leaf Industries, Inc.

About Leaf Industries, Inc.
About Leaf Industries, Inc.

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From Design To Delivery...Great Ideas Take Shape At Leaf.

Since 1988, Leaf Industries, Inc. has been recognized as a “one stop” source for the manufacture of precision sheet metal related components, weldments, assemblies, and products. From design and value engineering-right down to customized packaging-Leaf Industries can “build to suit”...no matter what your project entails.

We take great pride in our extensive capabilities. We know that the more we can offer your company, the easier your job becomes. That’s why we are continually updating our equipment and adding to our long list of services. From simple components, to elaborate products completely finished and assembled, we know you’ll appreciate the attention to detail and fine workmanship in everything we build. It is through our talented people with years of manufacturing experience ...along with our firm commitment to customer service...that we can truly say, “From Design To Delivery...Great Ideas Take Shape At Leaf."

Quality Assurance: The Mark Of A Job Well Done

Quality is the essential ingredient to Leaf’s success. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. Our customers know that maintaining the highest standards for quality at every stage of the manufacturing process has always been our way of life.

From our receiving departments, through each process in design and production to our inspection, packaging and shipping services, you will find the correct information communicated to each person who impacts your order.

Value Engineering: Where It All Begins

All of our activities are focused on your quality requirements. From the moment that you meet us, you begin to feel the preparedness and eagerness that we bring to each job. Leaf takes the time to understand each detail:

  • Design requirements
  • Tolerances
  • Strength
  • Function
  • Cosmetics

We provide cost saving alternatives through value engineering. Our experience provides you added value, and we will exceed your expectations. Communication is the key to success in building lasting partnerships. Our customers can be assured that their inquiries will generate a rapid response, as we consider even the smallest detail to be critical.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Experts at Our Trade

Whether prototypes or high volume production, your job is fully engineered with complete documentation before it is released to the shop floor. Materials are ready, planning is complete and all job specifications are understood before our team goes to work. Leaf has 70,000 sq. feet of production space and we stay at the forefront of technology at all times. The expertise, training, and communication skills of our staff are unequalled anywhere. We take pride in our tight control of every process and the related information and maintain the flexibility to smoothly handle the rapid pace of today’s manufacturing environment. We handle your engineering changes with seamless integration throughout our system.

Finishing and Assembly: The Final Touches

We have the facilities to be your one stop source for components and assemblies or completed products. We easily handle very high cosmetic paint requirements as well as standard painted of textured surfaces in our full service paint and powder coating department. We have five paint booths, three ovens, and a 450 foot conveyor line. For final assembly, we have three separate areas available depending on your specific need.

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Equipment Inventory

Fabrication Equipment

Pulsar NT Series Laser
4000 Watt AMADA 1212 NT

Pulsar NT Series Laser
4000 Watt AMADA 2415A4 NT

CNC Turret Punch
20 ton Electric AMADA EM2510
45 Stations

CNC Turret Punch
20 ton AMADA PEGA 244 -- 24 stations

CNC Turret Punch & Autoloader
30 ton AMADA 345Q -- 45 stations

CNC Turret Punch & Autoloader
30 ton AMADA 358 Vipros King
58 Stations

Press Brakes
Niagara Hydraulic
175 ton - 14ft

Press Brake
Cincinnati Pro Form
2 - 135 Ton 10' capacity 

Press Brakes
2 - 90 ton - 10ft
1 - 90 ton - 8ft

Press Brake
35 ton - 4' capacity

Allsteel Press Brake
45 ton 8' capacity

10 gauge x 10'-0

Punch Press-Bliss
75 ton - 25" x 96" bed-shut
Height 16" -- 6"stroke

Punch Press - Whitney
30 ton - 24" throat - capacity
Diameter -- through 10 gauge

Sander-Time Saver Speed Belt
37" wide capacity

Extrusion Cutoff Saw
Extrusion Dual Miter Saw
Scotchman Cold Saw


Machine Shop

Drill -- Walker Turner
Index Drill and Tap Machine

Drill -- Clausing
2 Spindle Drill and Tap Machine

Drill -- Boice/Crane
Mill -- Bridgeport
Mill -- Bridgeport
Mill -- Bridgeport
Surface Grinder -- K.O. Lee

13 1/2" x 6" table

Inspection Equipment

Measuring Machine
18 x 24 Micro-VU

Surface Plates - Three (30 Units)
18" x 24"
24" x 48
36" x 48"

Height Gages
L.S. Starrett 24" capacity
Mitutoyo 18" capacity

Dial Calipers
Five - Helios 13" capacity
Three - Mitutoyo 6" capacity

Three - Helios 24" capacity
One - Helios 50" capacity
One - Helios 72" capacity

Height Masters
One - B&S 18" capacity (digital)
One - Do-All 12" capacity

Jo-Blocks-Do-All master Set
Master Square-L.S. Starrett 12" length
Dialsink-9 degree Brunswick
Thread Gages

Two - ranging from 2-56 to 3/4-10

Plug Gages
Two - .061 to .250
Two - .251 to .500

Paint Thickness Gages (2)
Plating Thickness Gages (2)
Angle Plates-Challenge 8" x 8" x 12"

(2 units)

Machinist's Level - L.S. Starrett-12"

Two - Interapid-Test
One - Datcon-1" Travel

Micromete - Mitutoyo
0" - 3.0"

Bevel Protractors
One - L.S. Starrett 12"
One - Mitutoyo - 12"

Misc Hand Tools
Combination Squares
Straight edges, etc.

Micro Vu Matrix Series Automated Inspection Machine
6" Wide x 300" Belt
Two Units

Welding Department

Spot Welder -- Sciaky -- 3 Phase
75 KVA4 50% Duty Cycle
Sec. V. = 4.2 Sec. Amps 60,000
Throat 10" x 16"

Spot Welder -- Peer
60 KVA
Sec. Voltage 1- 7.0

Spot Welder -- Peer
65 KVA

Spot Welder -- ACRO
75 KVA Sec. Voltage 10.0

Spot Welder -- Peer
75 KVA
Sec. Voltage 4.14

Spot Welder -- Acme
75 KVA4 50% Duty Cycle
Sec. Voltage 9.2

Multi Process Welders
3 Units

Invision Dual Feed Inverter
Wire Feed

XR Control Push Pull
Aluminum Pulse Feeder System

200 Syncrowave
Multi-Process TIG / Stick
2 Units

300 Syncrowave
Multi-Process TIG / Stick

Paint Area

5 Stage Iron Phosphate Coating
4 Stage Chromate Conversion

for Aluminum

Conveyorized Paint Line
Passes thru Two 20' Paint Booths
One 10' Booth
One 450°F 3 Pass Oven
Liquid and Powder Coat

Two stand alone Paint Booths
One 8' wide Dispatch Oven
One 16' wide Koch Bake Oven

Grinding and Refinishing

4 Grinding Stations: Material Capabilities:
SST 304
SST 430

Straight lining Surface Grinder
13 1/2" x 6" table


5 Ton -- 15' Span -- 60' Runway
Two 1/2 Ton -- 20' Span -- 160' Runway


Air Compressor -- 100hp Ch. Pnuematic
Lift Truck -- 8,000lb. Yale Gas
Lift Truck -- 4,000lb. Gas
Lift Trucks -- Three 3,000lb yale Electric
3 Delivery Trucks
Almco Tumbler -- 3 cubic feet
Hager Pem Serter
Hager Pem Serter w/Auto Feed
1 Worthington Compressor
2 Auto Banders
1 Darex Drill Sharpener
1 Wasp Baler -- 22" x 42" x 30"
2 Floor Sweepers
1 Pennsylvania -- Electric Scale
1 Fairbanks - Electric Scale
1 Fairbanks - Man Scale
1 Marsh Stencel machine
2 Pexto 22 ga. Hand Rolls
2 1" Belt Sanders

Maintenance Equipment

1 - Rigid 535 pipe Threading Machine
1 - Wilton Cutoff Saw - 6"
1 Atlas 1/2" Drill Press (Benchtop)
1 8000 lb. Forklift jack
1 Oil Filtration Cart
1 Pedestal Grinder - 6"
1 Lincoln Arcwelder-Idealarc-250
1 Graymills Parts Washer-DM-136
1 ORC Hydraulic Unit-17 1/2 Ton

Transportation Equipment

1 Chevrolet G30 Delivery Van

2 Peterbilt 337 Trucks (26,000 GVW)


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